Special Presentations

Thursday 1pm  “Quilted Beauties from the Past”   Sandy McDonald

Come and enjoy quilted beauties from the past.  An assortment of old pieced, appliqued, and embroidered quilts will be shown, all are beautifully hand-quilted.  The oldest is a pieced quilt from 1898.  Come and see how quilting has changed since then.

Friday 1pm        “Our Baltimore Heritage Applique Quilts”  Barbara Burnham

Learn a bit of history about Baltimore and her Baltimore Album Quilt tradition. We will display an antique 1847-1860 Baltimore Album Quilt, and several new Baltimore Album style quilts made by Faithful Circle Quilt Guild members.

Saturday 1pm   “Portraiture: From Photo to Quilt”  Aniko Feher

A series of slides will show the development of the portrait quilt “Kati” from an original photo.  The image of the quilt was published in the art quilt book “People & Portraits: Profiles of Major Artists, Galleries of Inspiring Works”.  Additional portrait quilts will be on display as well.